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Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm

Kids Karate For students ages 5-10. This class teaches movement skills, discipline, self-control, practical karate skills and self-defense in a format that is both enjoyable and beneficial for children. 

Students have the opportunity to learn and push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Students begin with basic skills and begin to apply those skills in partner drills and sparring sessions. Contact us today to learn more about each of our course offerings.


Monday and Wednesday 6:30-8pm

Whether it's losing weight, building muscle, learning to defend yourself, or just having a blast, our Adult Martial Arts classes have what you need. You'll love the high energy class instruction, your body will love the awesome workout, and your spirit will love the camaraderie and positive atmosphere.

As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for this course as early as possible as it tends to fill up quickly. This class provides instruction for both beginners and more experienced students. Individual drills, partner work, and free sparring create exciting classes that challenge each student. If you’re unsure about your level or have questions, simply reach out.

Thursday 6:30-8pm 
Saturday 10-11:30am

Finally, weapons training is fun and exciting, for children and adults, alike. You will obtain a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that complement and enhances your empty-hand art. Indeed, kobudo is good cross training for karate, kung fu, or other open hand art. This class has a diverse group with many students having backgrounds in other open hand arts. Its a place for all martial artist regardless of style to come together and train in the art of Kobudo.

Students begin training with the Bo, Nunchuku, Sai, and continue on to more advanced weapons as they progress through the ranks. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.



Saturday 8-8:45am

High intensity Suikendo boxing mixed with traditional kickboxing to create a fast paced class designed to improve speed, agility, confidence, and sparring skills

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Brian Greynolds and Jenica Greynolds are top notch. super instruction. Kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable!! These two have an excellent environment for learning. Young,old,new students or advanced. They are teaching about Karate and Kobudo. These things teach you multiple positive lessons about life. contact them about lessons for yourself, your children or your friends. I am very grateful and proud to be one of their students. Thank You Sensei! I am a Nidan. Second Dan(Black Belt) In Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo. My good fortune to know this family.

Phil Satchel

Suibukan of WV has proven a wonderful way to increase confidence, motor skills, and friendship/cooperation with others for my daughter. Instructors Brian and Jenica have amazing patience and go above and beyond to make learning enjoyable and demonstrate interest in each student.

Lori Bailey

I have to say that we absolutely love Suibukan of WV. They have the patience to take their time with the smaller kids an they absolutely do a wonderful job with them. I would totally recommend them to anyone.

Ericka Vickers

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