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Suibukan Tsumani Open

Suibukan of WV hosts the Annual Suibukan Tsumani Open each year in the Fall. This event is AKA sanctioned and points are added into National rankings for competitors. Competitors visit WV to compete in the Suibukan Tsumani from multiple states each year, with each year growing and expanding the event. 
Events include:
Team Sparring, Continuous Sparring, and Point Sparring
Team Forms
Traditional and Open Forms
Traditional and Open Weapons

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Members of National Karate Team, Team Rebellion!

Suibukan of WV is honored to be part of the Elite National Competition Team, Team Rebellion. This team is designed to train under belts to compete on a National and World Competition level. 20 Students from Suibukan of WV participate on Team Rebellion and travel to martial arts tournaments around the country competing and cheering on their team mates from other states and countries. 
This team trains 5 or 6 days a week through regular classes, extra team training days, and strength and conditioning days with a personal trainer. 
The team participates in yearly camps with TEAM REVOLTUION, the Black Belt level division of the team. 
Members of Team Rebellion are able to learn and train with the BEST marital artists in the country, improving their skills as they chase goals of National and World Titles.

Tournament and Team News: About
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